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bath and brass emporium

InHome Concepts has been locally owned and operated since its inception in 1980.  What started out as a division of the Savko Plastics family, The Bath & Brass Emporium became a local source for high-end accessories and soft goods.  

From there, The Bath & Brass Emporium grew and expanded to decorative plumbing.  In 2000, expanded even further to provide homeowners with door hardware and cabinet hardware.

In 2009, as a response to generations shifting, The Bath & Brass Emporium rebranded to InHome Concepts, carrying on our reputation without sacrificing our values and principles.  


Over the last decade, our focus has been and continues

to be on curating the best products in the industry. 

While we will always have decorative plumbing, our

product offering has shifted to spotlighting architectural hardware.  We are continually adding new products and displays to our showroom to bring you the most relevant designs.  We are dedicated to serve the needs of architects, interior designers, custom home builders, remodelers and homeowners.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when selecting hardware, looking at a photo isn't sufficient.  We invite you to come and explore, to see and touch our unparalleled selection of products.

Seen as a great place to get common or completely uncommon items to finish off your project, high style shouldn't have to come with a high price tag.  On our website, you will find examples of an extensive range of products.  Looking for something not seen on the website?  We sell the complete line from every brand shown on our website.  We would be glad to help you locate exactly what you're looking for.


Having built a reputation on maintaining excellent customer service, to us, its not about getting you in and out of the door as quick as possible.  It's about making sure we find the right product for you and turning your house into a home.  Aiming to provide solutions, we are continually improving our knowledge base.

And we just happen to sell beautifully designed and brilliantly crafted products for your home and business.

Did you know that our founding company is right next door?

Savko Plastic Pipe and Fittings has been manufacturing and supplying plumbing products to customers since 1967.


Savko plastic pipe and fittings
savko plastic pipe and fittings
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